Friday, May 9, 2008

Is fabric ...heaven???

it is so totally crazy...I am going to have to have my daughter make me a t-shirt that says I work for fabric!!

walking around the shop where I work ( just straightening fat quarters and bolts...egads...I added way too much to my stash...

then I find that I have to cut more fabrics to build up a sales stash!!! OMG~~~ my poor heart cannot take this...I know when I checked out this afternoon...that I worked for fabric today...TOTALLY...

Now I need some time to put my *paycheck* together and show you all what I am working on!!!

I have now decided that I will use the euphemism paycheck for my

I don't know about everyone else...but I am holding my breath waiting for the Laurel Burch Christmas!!!

More tomorrow...I need to tell you all more...I have fallen into the best job I have ever had...the people...the product...the environment...I have never known better...

oops got to son and I need to root on The Pittsburgh Penguins!!!

Peace out!!!

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